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Purchase and Sale Agreements FSBOBuying and selling real property can be overwhelming.  The professionals at Brandt Law Group understand the purchase and sale process by which real property is transferred in Washington State and bring that knowledge in the services that we provide to you.  We can assist you in a multitude of ways depending on your role in the transaction (Buyer or Seller) and how much involvement you would like from an attorney in such a transaction.  We can perform a relatively simple review of a previously prepared Purchase and Sale Agreement, addenda thereto, and/or escrow documentation and provide you with our analysis.  This analysis can help answer questions if you have uncertainties about any of the purchase and sale paperwork and streamline the transaction through to closing.

We Can Give You Just the Help You Need

If you are looking for more involvement from us than a simple review, we can provide services to fit your needs.  We have the capability to represent you through the entire purchase and sale transaction, which may include, without limitation, drafting of Purchase and Sale Agreements and addenda, negotiations with the other party, and/or establishing and coordinating escrow.  You tell us just how involved you would like us to be and we will tailor our services to your needs.

Simple and Painless Title Transfer

Seattle Title Transfer Real Estate TransactionBrandt Law Group also has an extensive background in real property title transfers that do not always involve a standard purchase and sale agreement.  There are endless scenarios by which our clients may seek to transfer title to real property.  Our office will listen to your needs and implement the best course of action for your unique situation.  This may involve transferring title by way of a Quit Claim Deed, interpreting the appropriate Washington Administrative Code (WAC) to determine tax exemptions that may apply, and/or review title reports to determine how best to approach clearing title to real property on your behalf.  We do our best to make title transfers as simple and painless as possible for you.