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Construction Defect ExpertConstruction defects can occur in the creation and/or renovation of every structure. The issues may be huge, such as inappropriate foundational support for a home on a steep slope or external membranes for the house that are not keeping the water out. Or it might entail less critical, but important elements, such as the failure to properly stain a section of hardwood flooring. The bottom line is that any construction defect may impact the value and habitability of your home.

We Partner with Construction Defect Experts

When the attorneys at the Brandt Law Group are presented with the problems underlying a dispute, we often engage outside experts for an evaluation of the construction defect. We can then determine the extent of the problem and the monetary impact of the issue. These experts may be mechanical engineers or architects who may provide their expert opinions regarding how the structure at issue does or does not match the plans that were the guideposts for the creation of the home. if the problem relates to the composition of the land upon which the structure was constructed or the route drainage from a swale flows, we may bring in a geotechnical engineer. If the defect at issue relates to air quality or the flow of water from a roof drain, we may retain an industrial hygienist or an environmental engineer.

The Brandt Law Group is Prepared for Mediation or Trial

After conducting appropriate analysis and discovery efforts, the experts involved will likely prepare reports upon which our attorneys can base their arguments for settlement of the matter. Depositions or site visits may also be conducted to gather information and to clarify factual and legal issues.  These activities often lead to the mediation of the matter, which is a form of facilitated negotiation.  Depending upon the result of the mediation, there may be a settlement of the matter. Negotiating a settlement allows a party to work with the opposing side to forge the terms of the agreement. However, if a settlement cannot be reached, there may be a trial of the matter that will require a large amount of the necessary preparation and participation by you, the client.